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We are Cunaguaro

RENZO CAMILO ÁVILO ÁVILA AVILÁN (Founding member), Ecosystem Coordinator, Ecologist of the Pontificia Universidad Renzo Camilo Ávila: Javeriana, seven years of experience in the development of different studies on the biological components, identification and characterization of Orinoquia ecosystems with emphasis on highly sensitive areas, environmental information gathering and management measures based on local knowledge of the rural and indigenous communities of the region. He lives in the department of Casanare.

ERNESTO ROA VARGAS: (Founding Partner), studied Environmental Engineering at the University of La Salle, is a Coordinator of protected areas, has extensive experience as technical advisor in projects for the protection and conservation of water sources, coordination of field work, support to processes of identification of environmentally fragile areas, technical assistance in wildlife conservation projects in the region, assistants in processes of characterization of flora and fauna, design and implementation of educational programs, participatory environmental education. He currently resides in the department of Casanare.

CESAR ROJANO BALLANO: (Member) Cesar Rojano Bolaño
Director of research. Veterinarian zootechnist, Master in tropical veterinary sciences from the University of Córdoba, Colombia. He has been working in the area of medicine, management and conservation of wildlife for eight years. His role within the organization is to coordinate and manage projects related to the conservation of Colombian biodiversity. He coordinates the Colombian Great Anteater conservation project, which is led by our organization. He has published more than 10 articles in indexed journals, as well as a book and several book chapters, which address issues related to medicine, management and conservation of Colombian wildlife.

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